strength. balance. grace.

MusettaEmphasizing form and alignment, Pilates is a body conditioning method that strengthens and lengthens muscles, increases coordination, and decreases stress.

Joseph Pilates developed this exercise system of low impact movements in the 1920s. Integrating breathing with small sequences of movements, Pilates involves the whole person while focusing on the core, the muscles of the stomach and back.

At Musetta Pilates, we use the traditions of Joseph Pilates to design customized classes for each individual client and his/her strengths and needs. Our small group classes provide for personal instruction that enable our clients to perform each exercise correctly while progressing toward their target goal.


Musetta during a pilates class

We consider each of our clients as we intentionally create specific Pilates routines. This leads to the maximizing of exercise time, progress and body awareness.

Just as Joseph Pilates had a vision of mind-body fitness, we at Musetta Pilates strive to pair movement and breathing with focus. Our objective is to provide exercise movements that overflow into each client’s everyday living. Increasing awareness of the deep connection between mind and body, we hope the time in our classes leads to strength, balance and grace in daily life.


  • Private 1:1 equipment instruction: $60/hour
  • Small Group Class instruction: $100/hour. Group size= 2-10

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