Cleansing Diet Vegetables

Clean eating. Healthy foods.

This is an invitation to awaken and create partnership with your body.

Nourishing foods, a 21 Day Reflection Journal, daily support emails, mild exercise, and Standard Process supplements will aid and support the detoxification processes of the body and revolutionize eating habits.

The 21 Day Reflection Journal is a tool to help you bring clarity to your goals. The journal offers exercises and reflections that draw awareness to what you want to let go of and what you want to change. It’s an aid to release what is unhealthy or even life-threatening and replenish what is healthy and life-affirming.


We use Standard Process for our Supplement Regimen. Download the 21 Day Purification Program guide for further information on Standard Process Products.

Review cleanse informational presentation for details regarding nutrition and supplement benefits and guidelines.


21 Day Cleanse: $375
$325 for groups of 2 or more. Email us and set up your own group 21-day Cleanse today!

Doing the 21 day cleanse was life-changing. I has completely changed the way I look at the food I put in my body.  

–Janette Gilbertson

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