Why Cleanse?

Most of us disconnect from our bodies on some level. We dial down awareness, avoiding the knowledge it may bring and consequences we want to deny. This is normal. Subconsciously, we disassociate from our body when we are stressed, over-burdened, under-stimulated, or emotionally off.

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Cleanse - Musetta Pilates Healdsburg

21 Day Cleanse

Cleanse Products

We use the Standard Process for our Supplement Regimen during the Cleanse classes we offer. Download the 21 Day Purification Program guide for further information on Standard Process Products.

A few kind words about our last cleanse:

“I work hard taking care of my family’s needs. I did this cleanse as a gift to myself- to make sure I am also taking good care of me. It felt great and I will continue on with the healthy habits Standard Process promotes.”

“The Cleanse pushes clients to change…And eat more intentionally.”

“I love how extreme it is. Pure detox!”

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